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Hartly Wintney Parish Council Policy On Grants to Local & Voluntary Organisations


a. Local Authority Act 1972 (Section 137).  “A Local Authority may, subject to the provisions of this section, incur expenditure which in their opinion is in the interests of their area or any part of it or all or some of its inhabitants.”
b. Local Government Act 1972 (Section 145).  “A local Authority may do, or arrange for the doing of, or contribute towards the expense of the doing of, anything (whether inside or outside their area) necessary or expedient for any of the following purposes” ie. provision and promotion of entertainment, arts and crafts.
c. Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 (Section 19 – recreational facilities).  “A Local Authority may contribute by way of grant or loan towards the expenses incurred or to be incurred by any voluntary organisation in providing recreation facilities which the authority has power to provide.


To encourage the formation, continued existence and improvement of a wide range of voluntary sporting, leisure, cultural and community facilities for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish.


The Parish Council’s policy on grants to voluntary organisations will be administered by the Finance Committee and where above £500 by Full Council; these policies are:

a. Grants and financial assistance to organisations are essentially ‘pump priming’ exercises where a proven need exists.
b. Grants are given to organisations, clubs or individuals who are providing, or attempting to provide, a service or amenity for the people of this Parish and greater emphasis should be placed on applications from local rather that national organisations.
c. Applications from organisations whose prime activities are fund raising and the giving of grants to needy causes represent a duplication of the Committee’s function and should be refused except in exceptional circumstances.
d. The Committee should judge between each application on its own merits and not attempt to achieve a balance between grants to welfare and recreational organisations.
e. The Committee should not normally commit a future Parish Council by promising continued assistance.
f. At the beginning of each financial year the Committee should consider applications from those organisations which had not been able to secure a grant from the Parish Council in the previous financial year because the budget allocation had been spent.
g. Applications from organisations which have already received financial assistance in the same financial year should not be considered.
h. The Parish Council should not insist that prior to consideration of an application all other avenues of available financial aid have been explored and bought to a conclusion.
i. The Parish Council should not prescribe a maximum grant available to any organisation.


a. Within the overall framework of its policies the Committee will consider each application on its merits and may take into account the following matters:
  i. The benefit to be derived by the community and the extent to which such benefit is available to parishioners generally, not only to a few.
   ii. The range of activities available or to be made available by the project.
   iii. Whether or not the Parish Council has made provision itself for such amenities or activities.
   iv. The degree of fund raising and self-help undertaken by the organisation.
   v. The ability of the applicant to raise further funds via charges, membership fees, precepts etc.
   vi.  The extent to which funds from other external sources are available to applicants and whether or not attempts have been made to secure these.
   vii.  The Committee can consider applications in respect of later phases of a project having already grants aided and earlier one.
   viii.  The balances and reserves held by an organisation and the degree to which these might be in excess of a prudent provision.
   ix.  The extent of voluntary labour within the organisation towards the project.
   x. The expected life of the project or organisation.  Equipment can be given on condition that it is returned to the Parish Council if the organisation ceases to exist.
   xi.  Any evidence of duplication of services or amenities.
b. Organisations will not generally be given an opportunity of re-submitting an application after a decision has been made regarding financial assistance.
c. In respect of sporting organisations, the Committee should give assistance only towards the purchase of equipment etc, not to off-set running expenses.
d.   If an invitation is received to attend a function being held by a grant receiving body, the decision as to whether or not to attend is left to the discretion of the individual Parish Councillor.
e. The Finance Committee may approve grants and loans up to £500 per application. Sums in excess of this will be decided by the Parish Council.


Applicants are invited to submit their application in the form of a letter giving details of the organisation, including membership or user numbers were applicable. The letter should also include the amount requested, the purpose for which the grant money would be used together with details of any other sources of funding either applied for or secured. Applicants should also submit an up to date set of accounts with their letter. The application will then be presented to Members for consideration at the next Committee or Full Council Meeting. Updated February 2013

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